KLARA HARDEN is an Austrian cinematographer and photographer who has great interest in seeing different places and different people of this amazingly divers world. In filming she found a way to share her experiences with others who are still startled about how this all can be made out of stardust and open their eyes wide for the new and different. Since her 25day solo hike through Iceland, an experinence she documented in MADE IN ICELAND, she has decided to become an adventurer and documentary film-maker and try to see and share as much of the world as possible.

KARSTEN PRÜHL is a director and cinematographer from Berlin/Germany. He studied philosophy, design and film, worked as assistent director in cinematic and tv film production. His diploma Film "Im Herbst kein Lied" has been awarded several times on national and international festivals. 2011 he partcipated in the Berlinale Talent Campus program and the Zurich Master Class. He has produced and directed more than 20 short-films, short documentaries and social spots. Over the years, he has travelled a lot on his own, backpacked through Canada, Southern Europe and Greece. While writing his second feature film script - a story about eco-warriors and eco terrorists - he discovered a way to combine his passions for storytelling, film and activism.

"With love from Madagascar" will be the first of many cinematic "Activism and Adventure" films.