WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR is an eco-adventure documentary about two Europeans traveling through Madagascar trying to find out if there is still a way to save the island. Madagascar is the most unique, fascinating and sensitive place in the world. And it is in alarming danger. How Madagascar goes, so goes the earth. Have we already lost it? The protagonist tell their inner and outer journey, confront overexploitation and discover ways of activism, help and teamwork.

We raise money to pay for production costs. We believe in this film and our idea of telling the story. To make the film great, we don't need much, but we need some basics. This is where you step in. With your support, we will be able to create the first of many adventures, that bring people closer to the world and the world closer to people. And you will be an active part of it.

Klara Harden and Karsten Prühl will share their inner journey, their personal development, thoughts and anxieties on their mission on the dusty paths of the 6th continent.
The filmmakers visit conservation and charity programs all over the island in order to find out, what we can do. Madagascar and it's environmental and economic issues is a mirror for our planet. It has a beautiful, delicate and unique wildlife, so incredibly special, that it seems to be another planet. Some say, it is the cradle of life. Now, it becomes a coulisse for an epic journey deeply into the essence of life. Joy, pain, hunger, mosquito attacks, doubts, rain, heat, intelligent lemurs and fossas are just some the dangers and wonders the filmmakers will face. Exposed to nature for two entire months on a nearly uncertain course through Madagascar, the adventurers push their limits. Together with them, you will find out more about the island, the power of hope and the journey ones soul makes on this mindblowing trip.

WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR is going to be the first of many eco-adventure documentaries exploring environmental and social issues around the world.

"WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR is a proof to myself and others, that there still is a possibility for change. We are not helpless. We are not trapped. We have to do something against all the big problems of the world. Because we can!" --- Klara Harden

"Every single deed, from the tiniest to the biggest, has a ripple effect on the world. It effects us all, globally and at the end, personally. As human beings, blessed with the gift of intelligence and dignity, we have the duty to take care of the world, to fight social injustice and end destructive egoism. Life is precious, because its rare!" --- Karsten Prühl

By backing WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR you proof that you still believe in real adventures, the love for life and the dreams of your childhood.

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